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Anne de Vries

Please introduce yourself!

My name is Anne de Vries, I am a trained physiotherapist and have also completed my bachelor´s degree in this field and then a master´s degree in Health Care Management at the University of Osnabrück.

How did you hear about the NOSTA Group?

The NOSTA had advertised a thesis in the job portal "Praxiko" at the university. I applied for this topic and then wrote my master´s thesis here at the company.

What was the topic of the master´s thesis and what was it about specifically?

The topic was the development of a company-specific concept for the introduction of a company health management system. For this purpose, I conducted a needs analysis using questionnaires and employee interviews and then developed the concept on the basis of this.

Were there any challenges during implementation?

It was certainly challenging to find enough participants for the questionnaire survey, because a lot of personal data concerning health was requested from the employees. But we managed this very well with good communication and support from management so that we were able to achieve representative results.

Has the concept already been implemented?

We´re workingon it, but the overall implementation process takes 2 years, so it´s going to take a little time for the processes to ssmoothen out.

Are you also interested in writing your thesis at our company?

Please feel free to send us your documents including a topic suggestion.


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