Our Core Values

At NOSTA Core Values Become Opportunities

Our core values reflect what our company stands for, who we are as a community and who we want to be. They form the heart of our corporate culture and summarize what holds us together as a team of over 800 employees worldwide. These core values were developed from our day-to-day interactions in order to put our sense of community on an even firmer footing.

Our core values are the benchmark for our behavior, both internally and externally, and serve as a guide for our decisions and actions. They are an expression of our common goals, our ethics and our commitment. By living our Core Values together on a daily basis, we strengthen our community at NOSTA and contribute to the success of our company.



Passion, power and courage are our path to success.

NOSTA is all about enthusiasm and commitment. We are positive, optimistic and approach our tasks with a healthy dose of enthusiasm. But we never lose sight of the fun.
We're up for it and accelerate! We are positive, optimistic, laugh at work and are authentic.


Responsible ownership is the key to be champions.

When a challenge arises, we take the initiative and tackle it together. Everyone is ready to make a contribution to NOSTA's success. That's why we see new tasks as an opportunity for us to develop further.
We take the initiative and take on responsibility.


Using individual strenghts for becoming even stronger together.

Together we are strong! Teamwork is a top priority at NOSTA. We support each other, share our knowledge and experience and work hand in hand to achieve our goals. We know that we can only be successful as a team if we work together.

We tackle it, are not above anything and leave no one behind.

Our Core Values are your thing? Then we should talk to each other!

Core Values go beyond logistics

The core values also stand for concrete action: We are committed to a wide range of organizations and support social projects as well as leisure facilities for children and young people. We are also significantly involved in the " Blut transportiert" initiative, which is committed to the fight against diseases of the blood-forming system with typification campaigns and professional public relations work

Other partners of the NOSTA Group are "Plan International" and "Aktion Deutschland hilft".

Focusing on more than just logistics

- we are committed

Since our foundation, we have been involved in the communities surrounding our locations and support a wide range of social projects, leisure facilities and international aid organizations, such as


Saving lives together

We support the “Blut transportiert” logistics initiative. The initiative is an association of companies from the logistics sector with a common goal: we want to actively support the fight against blood cancer and other diseases of the haematopoietic system - by becoming active ourselves.


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